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Super smooth

Virtually all needles have a micro-thin Super- Smooth finish that permits the needle to penetrate and pass through the toughest tissue with an almost fluid-like flow, with minimal resistance and virtually no drag, giving the surgeon a feeling of control.

Strong, sharp Micro grain Stainless Steel

This needle is made from premium grade stainless steel formulated specifically for surgical use. An exclusive process controls the orientation of the micro grains so that ductility and strength are closely sharp, and stay sharp, thus assuring easy passage through tissue.

Needle Swaging

Needles are permantely attached to the suture materials, eliminating the need for threading and providing a new, sharp needle each time. A good needle give perfect swaging gives the surgeon a needle with an unbroken surface from end to end; without double strands, it draws through tissue easier and with less tissue trauma.

Ribbed for Security and Control

Longitudinal ribbing on the inside and outside curvatures of most needles has a crosslocking action in the needle holder, minimizing turning, rocking or twisting, and thus providing unsurpassed needle control.

Round Bodied

For soft, easily penetrated tissues.

Conventional Cutting

Two opposing cutting edges, with a third on inside curve. Change in cross-section from a triangular cutting tip to a flattened body.


Cutting tip, taper body. For tough tissue, like two needles in one.

Dolphin nosed needle

For greater surgeon safety while operating in potentially infected areas.

Reverse Cutting

Cutting edge on outer curve. For tough, difficult to penetrate tissues.

Blunt point Needle

Taper Body. For suturing friable tissue e.g. Liver, Kidney.

MICRO-POINT Spatula needle

Thin, flat profile. Specially designed for ophthalmic anterior segment surgery.

CS ULTIMA Spatula needle

Reduced edge-angles provide better penetration. Readily facilitates knot rotation in ophthalmic surgery.


Hollow form design enhances penetration for delicate plastic and cosmetic surgery.


Slim taper point needles with a black finish for improved visibility and penetration.