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In Obstetric and Gynecological Surgery, concern for the healing process and for patient comfort has traditionally idea surgeons to select a suture with non- capillarity (For placement in or near contaminated areas), monofilament construction (For smooth pliable action to minimize tissue tearing and promote patient comfort during healing) and knot security (to hold ligaments and vessels to ensure ligation is secure).

MCo Hospital Aids has introduced, in addition to coated  RELYON GLACTIN, the range of synthetic absorbable sutures viz.  RELYON GLACTIN rapid and RELYON PDS II for the OB-GYN surgeons. These suture materials are available with special needles of choice meant to approximate different tissues during various OB-GYN procedures. These special needles of allow smooth and easy penetration through tissues with minimal tissue trauma and the different suture materials provide the necessary wound support required to carry out different procedures with ease and comfort. An example of this is the special Episiotomy code on  RELYON GLACTIN rapid, offering the surgeon the benefit of rapid and predictable absorption, also improving patient comfort. The new synthetic absorbable suture, RELYON RELYON PDS II, offers long term wound support which is ideal for the closure if fascia.

MCo Hospital Aids Company continued commitment to the safety of the surgeon has resulted in the introduction of the revolutionary RELYON EDGE needle. This needle with its unique Dolphin Nose profile passes through the tissue yet does not penetrate the gloves hence preventing the transmission of blood borne infections through needle stick injuries.