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Orthopedic Surgical procedures are carried out from head to foot. These include surgery of the spine, joints, bones and soft tissues. Various tissue layers, from bone to skin require to be approximated during these procedures. Some tissue need absorbable suture while some need non-absorbable sutures. MCo Hospital Aids provides a full range of suture on
appropriate needles. MCo Hospital Aids  Family of Synthetic Absorbable with materials such as RELYON PDS II, recommended for extended wound support would be ideal for these procedure like surgery of the spine and other joints. RELYON PDS II, recommended for extended wound
support would be ideal for these procedures. It also has the advantage of being an absorbable suture.

All suture materials are available on Round Bodies needles, Cutting needles, special Mayo needles, Trocar needles, and TAPERCUT needles as per the surgeon‟s preference. MCo Hospital Aids has also introduced a new absorbable suture material,  RELYON GLACTIN rapid, for suturing of skin. The advantage offers by this unique suture material is, that it offers short term wound support and the sutures begin to fall off after the critical wound healing period, hence there is need of suture removal.  

MCo Hospital Aids Suture Materials for usage in

Orthopedic Surgery Procedures. 

Coated  RELYON GLACTIN (Polyglactin 910) synthetic Absorbable Suture Coated  RELYON GLACTIN provides medium term wound support for up to 30 days. Absorption is predictable, 63 days on an average and with minimal tissue reaction. This suture knots well and handles well. It is available on a variety of Needle suture combination for orthopedic surgery procedures.