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THE surgeon who wishes to achieve the finest cosmetic results must have a complete range of “tools” in his armoury. MCo Hospital Aids has taken a quantum leap in the field of plastic surgery needle technology by introducing the Top of the line Relyon Edge plastic surgery needle. This superior needle a result of numerous years of research has given the plastic surgeon today the 4 S‟s formula:-

  • Sharp
  • Stays Sharp
  • Strong
  • Secure

The MCo Hospital Aids needles backed by the Family of Synthetic Absorbable and non Absorbable Suture ensure that each layer of tissue has that appropriate support to ensure a beautiful scar.

Suture such as RELYON MONO- which allow a phenomenon called “Tissue Glide”, RELYON POLY, RELYON, and Coated  RELYON GLACTIN (now available in its undyed version in those fine gauges) ensure superlative cosmetic results.

Suture materials such as  RELYON GLACTIN rapide- a rapidly absorbing skin closure suture thatobviates the need for removal of suture materials offer numerous benefits to the plastic surgeon.

Finally MCo Hospital Aids  PROXI-STRIP range of skin closure designed specially for the plastic surgeon are an asset to any skin closure technique.