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Urology procedure involves the usage of Absorbable suture: both Natural as well as Synthetic Absorbable Suture. MCo Hospital Aids offers suture materials such as Plain and Chromic Catgut ( Relyon Gut), and coated  RELYON GLACTIN. The range of sutures is available on a variety of needles specially designed for surgery in the urinary tract.

Since the bladder wound regains 100 percent of its strength by 21 days,  RELYON GLACTIN suture would be ideally suited for closure of the urinary bladder. Special needled suturehave been made available for surgery on Prostrate, Ureter, Pelvis of the kidney, Urethra etc.

Very fine-needled sutures have been made available for procedures like Vaso- Vasostomy, A-V Fistula for Renal Dialysis, Uretroplasty and Hypospadius. Use of these specially designed eyeless needled sutures ensures minimal tissue trauma and provides immense comfort, convenience and safety during surgery. It helps the surgeon perform
fast and efficient surgery.