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Anastomosis is the most common procedure in Gastro-intestinal Surgery. Therefore the use of Eyeless Needled Suture is essential to minimize tissue trauma, prevent leakage and contamination and therefore achieve optimum results. Some company marketed product offers a wide range of Super Smooth Needles that penetrate easily time after time through tissues with minimum pressure, thus eliminating tissue drag.

Stainless Steel Needles are rendered Super Smooth by the exclusive Micro graining process developed by many companies.

Many companies have introduced the new range of JB needles for anastomosis in the Gastro-intestinal tract. These needles, which have a slim round-bodied tip, have an oval cross section to facilitate separation of the tissue layer. They are blackened for improved visibility in the operating field. These needled are available on RELYON MONO suture material.

MCo Hospital Aids like company offer a range of newer suture materials like RELYON MONO, Coated  RELYON GLACTIN, in addition to the conventional suture materials like surgical Gut, PERMA HAND Surgical Silk ( Relyon silk) for exceptional performance during surgery in the Gastrointestinal tract.