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Cardiovascular Surgery requires highly specialized needles and selected suture materials. The suture used in this purpose its own suture combination and this allows for reliable quality control. Eyeless needles made of a unique stainless steel alloy, which permits a reduced wire diameter - closely, approximately the diameter of the suture materialwithout sacrificing ductility and strength. It is in the process of introducing a patented needle alloy specially for cardiovascular surgery in many product added strength and improved penetration- time after time.

In MCo Hospital Aids company collection of suture material for cardiovascular work, like RELYON POLY which offers strength, inertness, unsurpassed tissue passage properties and secure knotting make it the leading suture material as far as cardiovascular work is concerned. Newer suture materials such as RELYON PDS II, which offer prolonged wound support,
make it the suture of choice for vascular anastomosis in small vessels in pediatric vascular surgery.

The product has a range of needles for cardiovascular work namely CC needles, BV Series needles which requires significantly less penetration force, pass easily through tissue  thereby  reducing  tissue  trauma.  Other  material  such  as  RELYON GRIT   offer the cardiovascular surgeon the complete range of precision product to make exacting tasks go more smoothly.

In short the cardiovascular surgery used sutures are:

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